1. What is InstaRocket?
- We are a small startup providing Instagram promotion services.
2. Where are you located?
- We are a Ukrainian company. We do offer Live Chat support and Email support at support@instarocket.co
3. How do I know if you guys are legit?

- You are free to try out our Trial for 3 days. Trial and Subscription are exactly the same. 
4. How do I start using your services?
- Here is the link to our Tutorial:

5. Do I need to pay to start the Trial?
- The Trial is free and no credit card information is required.
6. What are 'Fast followers'?
- Fast followers is a great way to receive followers as soon as possible. These are passive followers from random countries.
7. Why did I lose some of the 'Fast followers' on the next day?
- Sometimes followers go away. So if you order 1000, 200 of them can unsubscribe within 1-2 days. In this case, kindly contact us at support@instarocket.co so we can load you extra followers free of charge.
8. I have no Activity in my account. What is going on?
- In order to have actions in our Activity tab, please make sure to use this article to set up your account:

Please make sure to have your account Approved, press the Play button, and put the desired settings in the Target Audience such as - Locations, Public Pages, Hashtags.
9. Does InstaRocket guarantee 30 days of Subscription with maximum amount of Likes, Follows, Comments as promoted on the home page of the website?
- We do not guarantee 30 days of unstoppable Maximum actions. Instead of 500 follows it could be 100, 300, or 400. It usually depends on your Settings, on Instagram API updates, on the load of our servers. We do our best from our side but this is very dynamic and changing environment, we are not able to guarantee 30 days of Maximum performance. 
10. What is your Refund Policy?

- We do not provide refunds for Subscription because 3 days of Free Trial is available. If for some reasons you were not able to try it out fully, we can extend. We will be more than happy to provide you with everything you need to have it running rather than refund. Please be aware.
11. Why did not I receive my 'Fast followers' yet?
- Sometimes there are issues with this service which is 24-48 hours and we try push old orders as soon as we can. We always appreciate your patience regarding these orders. You can always reach us out at support@instarocket.co or in the Live Chat with your Order Number and screen-shot of the receipt from Paypal or your Bank.
12. I had not Activity for the whole day, will you reimburse me?
- Yes, if you have 1 missing day of your Activity and it is our fault, we will reimburse that day and extend your Subscription. If you did not set up your Settings correctly or did not Verify your account, we will not reimburse.