InstaRocket is an effective way to make your Instagram account popular. Service is constantly evolving and now presents the following opportunities:

MassFolloving/MassUnfollowing is automatic subscribing/unsubscribing on your target audience for the purpose of mutual subscription.

How it works:

1. InstaRocket subscribes to the accounts of your target audience.
2. Then the people to whom you have subscribed, subscribe to you in return.
If, after some time, the person you subscribed to does not subscribe on you, you can turn on the massUnfollowing and automatically unsubscribe from this account.
3. With the help of MassFolloving/MassUnfollowing, you can quickly increase the number of your subscribers, attract only the target audience, and filter out non-targeted subscribers.

Massliking is a way to attract subscribers by setting up automatic likes under their posts.

How it works:

1. InstaRocket is likes the posts of your potential target audience.
2. After that, people whom you liked posts will go to your profile, interested in your content, and will also deliver the likes, or may subscribe.
With the help of massliking, you can attract a large number of potential customers or subscribers to monetize your account.

Mass comments is the ability to create a list of ready comments that InstaRocket will automatically put under the posts of your target audience. There is also the possibility for automatic messages to your subscribers direct. This saves you time and makes promotion of your account more convenient and fast.

Buying subscribers, likes, comments, and views is a difficult and time-consuming process if you do it qualitatively. In fact, buying is needed in order to increase the credibility of your account in the eyes of potential customers and subscribers. As you know, the audience is always more loyal to accounts with a large number of subscribers. Such accounts are credible, they are joined by a greater number of participants, and more profitable offers are received.

InstaRocket provides an opportunity to attract subscribers, likes, comments and views, customizing the audience's preferences, the wrap-up time, as well as many other features that will help to more subtly and correctly attract your target audience.

Also InstaRocket allows you to set auto comments under each of your new posts so that your posts eventually go out to TOP/Instagram recommendations.

Auto posting is the ability to schedule several posts for a exact day and time. It makes promoting of you account more convenient and faster.