Types of content and ideas for a post in Instagram

Regardless that how cool goods or popular services you provide, remember the only thing once and for all: People come to Instagram for bright and inspiring pictures. That is why a content is the first thing you should take care about!

We have selected 30 perfect ideas for your photos to be placed one by one for a month, thus you can make your account useful for your followers.

Note, that a content usually is divided to three types: informational, marketing and entertaining.


Before you decide to sell something to your followers, you should earn their confidence and show your expertise. So, you should start from information content.

It should be valuable for your audience, useful and comprehensive.  Your followers will see that you are good professional, sharing his/her knowledge for free and being opened for communications. They will be used to your post in their feed and become loyal to you and your offers.

Information content helps to introduce your products to Instagram users; it favors your first confidential relations. Apply yourselves to reach 50% rate from the total content quantity in your account.

Informational posts include reviews to your products and services, news and successes of your company, business cases and work samples, lifehacks, new approaches to use your products, technology description etc.


  • Product photos. Your main goal is not to sell it here, you should tell why the product is popular, where it is good to be used, how it is created and what its main feature is.
  • Feedback. Answer the most popular questions of your followers. You may use stickers, posters, graffiti and other distinctive ways.
  • Check-lists. Share your daily plans or what you’ve done the day before.
  • Production technologies. Tell how you produce your products, what components and part are the main and what tools you use.
  • Reposts. Share mass media latest news from your field. But, don’t forget to mention a source.
  • Back to past. Post a photo, how your company/salon/shop looked like a year or half-year ago. Highlight your success.
  • Compare your products and services. Infographics, tables or bright photos of your products from different series will be good for this purpose.
  • Step out of your comfort zone. Post a photo of your preparation to exhibitions, presentations or other events.
  • Holiday spirit. Post about holidays and important events in your company. Add beautiful flowers and balloons. Be sure, you will be congratulated in comments soon.
  • Break myths about your products. If there are any myth or mistaken thought about your products - just break them.
  • Photos of the Team. Share photos of your staff, tell interesting stories, even how Mary spilled a red wine at boss’s white shirt.
  • Speak about prospects. Prove that your field has way for growth and that it will be more and more valuable in future.
  • Working tools. Tell what camera uses your photographer, where you bought your 3D-printer for printing of your chocolate figures, what a dashboard camera has your driver preferred etc.
  • Above a beyond. Impress your followers with stories about that, how your products exceed expectations, beat records or saved kid’s life.


You should know how to by joyful to your audience. Agree, a dap of humor never made anything bad.

Entertaining content able to involve the most passive follower to leave a comment and continue a chat. However, too much is not good in this case, so, you should not exceed 20% rate from the total quantity of posts.

This type of content includes provocative posts, which are devoted to enliven the audience, jokes about your specialty, giveaways contests etc.


  • Morning coffee. Make a picture and wish a good day to your followers.
  • Literature. Share a photo with a book, pick the most impressive quote from it and compare it with your business or product.
  • Meow-meow. Who doesn’t love cats? Post a picture with a cat and draw your likes.
  • Selfie with your products and storytelling. Share your stories about new ways to use your products, cheer up your followers.
  • Your mascara seems to tear. Make a hyip photo with failed make up, cheer up your audience. Be sure to get comments and likes.
  • Summer is for pareu and hat, winter is for ski and scarf. Simple, but effective ideas for photo. Tell how your products can help in traveling.
  • Packed product and happy customer. Do you know the feeling of parcel unpacking? Post a photo of packed product and awake the feeling for your followers. The cutest photo always have kids.
  • Create a real mess in your kitchen. Spill brown rice on the table, add for beautiful composition some nuts and bayleaf, using your  finger write on the rice “10 lifehacks for...”
  • All we are people. Show that you know how to have a rest and fun. Photos from corporate events and team buildings will be put to good use here.  Do not overegg the pudding.
  • Add something nervous. Make an agiotage among your followers with “before-after” photo. “Before” photo shows your difficulties and how nervous you are, “After” photo shows that you product solved the problem and you are happy.
  • Mutual photo posting with friends and partners. Agree with your partners about postings of common photos, which show you working and having fun together.


Now, when you earn loyalty and confidence of your followers, you may switch to marketing content! It is a real hook, which allows you to sell more, to sell often and to sell more expensive on Instagram. Pay your attention such postings to be about 30% from the total quantity.

Marketing content includes advertising posts, promotions, information about discounts and sales, real feedbacks of your customers, photo of your product on the shelves in the store, selfie of celebrities with your products and many other.


  • Like it. Make your thumb up and make a picture. Add “tasty” text about your promotions and discounts.
  • Happy customer. Ask your customer to make a photo with your product and post it.
  • Pack your product in gift package and make a post in the run-up to holidays. Your followers will be thankful for a gift idea.
  • Thankful letter. Don’t be greedy and make some discounts for customers who write a letter with words of thanks. Put it near the cozy envelope and make a picture. Well-packed feedback inspires sales.
  • Photo of celebrities with your product. It is a perfect way to increase followers’ loyalty to your product by means of influencers. A mega-idea is an interview of a celebrity about your product. Your sales will zoom up!

These simple, but well-working ideas will be enough to make a month plan of postings on Instagram.

Hope, we succeed to explain you how to create a qualitative content and present it to your audience. Don’t be lazy, work over your account every day and make your sales.