How to Choose an Influencer on Instagram Correctly?

Prices for posting of promo-posts can vary from 80 dollars to 8 thousand dollars. How not throw away all the advertising budget? Let’s study how to define whether an account is effective and meets your interests.

Account Quality Indexes on Instagram

What an account shall be considered as worthy of payment and posting at? There is 5 indexes which we should be guided by. No exceptions.

  • Account shall not have any bots and numbers driving up. Only the live audience.
  • Account shall have a good rate of views of stories and videos.
  • It shall have proper rate of likes or post to total quantity of followers, as well as ER and involvement.
  • Account shall have nice content, which would be interesting to your potential clients.
  • Influencers themselves and their followers shall meet your target audience.

What to Do to Choose the Influencer Correctly?

It is difficult to be oriented to a geolocation of influencer. Insta-leader cannot influence to a geography of living of his or her followers. You may ask your influencer to send you a screenshot of his/her statistics or study the account by yourselves in any of analytics services, Livedune for example. You also may pick the most popular hashtags there. Then, just read comments under posts and evaluate their quantity and quality.  Check age interests, gender and other features of your target audience.

Never forget! Quantity of views for video-posts can easily be driven up, but not stories or live videos!

How to Choose Influencer for a Specific Niche by Yourselves?

Promotion specialists often provide a service of influencer choosing. In case you do not have odd 400 dollars, you may try to choose your influencer at influencer platforms, e.g. Epicstars, LabelUp, Adstamer or Rotapost. Their statistics already have a rate, account description, content examples and other.

If you would like to find your influencer by yourselves, you may find him/her by keywords, hashtags or geolocations.  Click “Follow” button and arrow “Suggested”.