6 Ways to Increase a Quantity of Views on Instagram

If you apply promotion on Instagram exclusively for commercial purposes, the big matter is how many times your posts have been viewed. That’s why we will have to study Instagram’s algorithms shortly.

By the way, it is a simple code, the main task of which is to find the most liked post. Speaking in other words, if you want your posts to get to TOP you just need to convince the algorithm that content of your publications is interesting to Instagram user. And, it is absolutely doable, and even won’t need to drive up Instagram numbers online.

So, let’s study out what we should do to increase a quantity of views for your publications!

What is Instagram Algorithm?

As I mentioned above, it is a simple code, which causes a feed of this social media to prefer those post, which are interesting to people. For example, if somebody is fond of motorcycles, his feed will oftener contain photos of bikes rather than pictures of Australian wild nature.

But, how can this machine define what people like or dislike?

Everything is very simple - it analyses the history.

If a user gives likes often to photos of bikes, Instagram algorithm “makes a note” that the user likes photos of sport motorcycles. When the user launch the application, the algorithm will place the content, which it counts as interesting to the user in the beginning of the feed.

By the way, near 30% users see only 30% of possible publications.

And now we will find out how, finally, we can get to these 30% without driving up of numbers on Instagram.

A Way №1. Make Your Posts When Your Followers Are Online.

Even if you do not know exactly when the most part of your audience is online, publish at least in the nearest time.

Firstly, only a small amount of followers can see your post. But, if you guess the time when your followers are online, the post will be shown at TOP of the feed to all the other followers too.

Otherwise, if you publish a photo when the most of your followers are offline, your chances to increase a quantity of views become less.

Naturally, you have a question: How can I know when my followers are online? But, there are also a few ways to know it:

First of all, analyze your statistics on Instagram. Pay your attention to what the involvement your posts get within last 2-3 months. If you can track a time, when you get the most quantity of views, - this is a time when your followers visit Instagram.

A task of service promotion in B2B section can be rather more difficult. Because, businesspersons usually can’t afford such a luxury thing as to visit social media. Oh, except for a lunch :)

A Way №2. Collaboration Group on Instagram

House divided against itself cannot stand, can it? Some opportunistic people gather to groups to help each other to increase the involvement, it also has an influence to Instagram algorithm. Straight up, people agree to like each other and text some comments under their posts. It helps not only to increase involvement, but also to make a pulse of activity.

It is not so easy to find such partners. You will have to look for people of necessary subject or to create such group by yourself.

A Way №3. Wants Satisfaction

It’s rather the most friendly way. Because you will post what your audience likes indeed. And a result of this activity will be rather better. People will like your posts and text comments with more pleasure.

If you have a business profile, you can got to Statistics and see what kind of content your followers perceive better. So, you will understand what the direction to chose.

A Way №4. Hashtags

You likely don't need to be explained what hashtags are. However, many people mistakenly think that know how to use them correctly.

Add to your posts hashtags of niches, it will allow other people who may look for post by hashtags, to see your publications, but not only your followers.

This way allows you to increase a probability of involvement for your publications.

A Way №5. “Mention a Friend”

Ask your followers to mention their friends in comments. It will allow you to kill two birds with one stone: your followers will; start to leave their comments (if you ask them properly), and their friends will come to your publications.

A Way №6. Ride the Wave

Likely, everyone know a “hyip” word. When any fresh society-shaking news appears, people take it up and using hashtags look for posts, publications, mems and other shticks of the subject.

To the point of hashtags. Usually, when similar news are newly posted, they are being mentioned with a separate hashtag. That’s why, if you are the first who starts to publish some hyip news, quantity of views of your posts will increase significantly at once. The main is not to abuse anybody.

Dear friends, apply the ways I described above for increasing of quantity of views for your posts on Instagram and go to TOP!