4 Instagram-myths that it's time to debunk

During searching working tools for promotion, you definitely find information of certain successful cases. In theory you like the detailed instructions and it's result, but for some reason when you try to do the same on your page, nothing comes out. Let's see why this is so.


Myth number 1. Images of account must be in one style

One of the main tips that are given for beginners is to make all the images in the Instagram account in one style. Often newcomers perceive this literally: in one style = using a single filter. They choose one free filter and process all the photos in account. It turns out nonsense. Plus, "combed" and "slicked" accounts are so annoying that are considered as manifestation of bad taste.

What to do? Individual style of the account is the work of more than one day. You need to experiment and see how this or that direction will work. There are a million lists with the most popular accounts for different topics. Choose your themes, find the most popular accounts and see how they implement their individuality in posts. Become a researcher of your own style.

Myth number 2. Image is more important than text

Many people still think that Instagram is just about photography. Sometimes people do not even bother writing a text or write trivial, pompous or pointless questions. To say that this annoys subscribers - do not say anything. Even the most vulgar and ordinary selfie is perceived better, if it has interesting text.

What to do? Improve your writing skills or hire a copywriter. And also do not forget that for your communication with subscribers you need a common style. How to build a style read here.


Myth number 3. The more posts, the better

For some reason, many bloggers believe that if you do not put 3-4 posts a day, then subscribers will forget about them. But this is definitely not so! Subscribers madly annoy one million posts with a cup of coffee, good morning or night wishes, meaningless complaints about the weather, etc. And when subscribers are annoyed - they unsubscribe.

What to do? Adhere to the principle: "less is better". There is something to write - write. If not - miss the day and tomorrow you write something sensible. Let the subscribers be afraid of missing something, not you!

Myth number 4. Contests, contests, we need more contests

Advertising activities with subscribers are good. But, first, good things come in small packages. And, secondly, such algorithms for making contests like SFS *, Giveaway *, and LT * are already outdated. It is maybe ok, if you have clearly written the rules, gratefully communicate with subscribers, thought out interesting gifts and fulfill all the promises yourself (especially for SFS). But when nothing is clear, you quickly announced the winner and immediately deleted the post from your account, then you should know that you are in a high risk of losing subscribers. People feel that they are used and quickly recognize falsity, so after such contests you can easily be in the minuses.

What to do? Since the old algorithms are already boring your audience, try something new. Be aware that all existing algorithms have already worked and their lifespan is coming to an end, look for new tips!

Good luck to you!


SFS * ("shout out for shout out") is a form of friendly PR that involves the following interaction with subscribers: blogger ask them to tell about himself on their accounts, then he chooses some of the most interesting subscribers, and in return post information about about them.

Giveaway * is a simple contest where you give a gift to one of the subscribers free of charge in exchange for the likes, subscriptions, friend's references and so on.

LT * - ("like time") is simple deal between a blogger and his subscribers. A blogger chooses a certain time and asks subscribers to like his posts as much as possible. To the most active or most interesting he promises to post about them in his account. Thus, if the activity is strong, he can get to recommended.