10 main mistakes of Instagram promotion

You need not only follow recommendations and advice of experts, but also avoid main mistakes if you want to succeed in promotion of your account on Instagram by yourself.

1. Sale posts only, the main idea of which is something like “buy”, “but now”, “discount”. Somewhere along the line, users begin to understand that at the whole point that you are not to care a rush of them that your goal is to foist on something to them every day. Even if your product is really cool, constant accenting on sales will put off your users.

Solution: Publish subject content, which will be useful to your followers.

2. No real photos There are only pictures, and it’s hardly to see who is behind the screen. There are many of such accounts on Instagram, and their problem is that they look the same, as they were copied. That is why they cannot have credibility of potential clients.

Solution: Post your photos, photos of your team and customers. Do not use pictures, which can be found in Google, order customized solutions for your images.

3. Low content quality Why should I write a text by myself, if I can find it ready in couple clicks and paste this similar subject text. The only you need is to change contacts and here it is! Such copy-paste destroys your account.

Solution: Write all your post by yourself, or hire a professional content-manager.

4. Improper targeted audience gathering. The matter is that many account holders immediately start mass-following at competitor’s account, by hashtag or geotag without preliminary filtration of the audience. Without this actions, your everyday limits for following are wasted for bots or commercial accounts.

Solution: Make proper gathering of targeted audience on Instagram.

5. No strategy. There is no vision of long-term development of the account on Instagram.

Solution: Think over the strategy, define the functions for your account to fulfill, how many conversions should it return and other. Spread the tasks within the time period from 6 to 12 month and set milestones with the terms of their achievement. It will help you to understand what your current stage is at any moment

6. You do not use the full set of tools. For today, Instagram has a lot of functions: Stories and highlights, lives and IGTV, poles, sending messages to direct and so on. If you do not use all these tools, you lose our reach and your customers.

Solution: Create a table of all the tools of Instagram and mark with “+”those of them, which you use and with “-” which you do not use. Do not try to do everything at once, it would be better to make a plan for stage-by-stage implementation of Instagram functions.

7. Placement of advertising at city public accounts like “flea market, news, evesdropping” - the low reach of such posts ensures your money spending out the window. The reason is in that the audience is very different, there are about 30-40% of bots and straight advertising intention of all the posts, Sure, the advertising in such public accounts id cheap, however, you spend not only your money, but also your time.

Solution: Before you place ads anywhere, make am analysis. How many likes and comments have other posts her, how many real followers are here, and only after that make your decision.

8. Work by hands. Do you follow and unfollow users by hands? Wake up! 2010 is in a far past already! ;-) This handwork takes a lot of time and cannot always bring much efficiency.

Solution: There are some software, which allow you to automatize many processes. For example, our tool:

  • Driving up of followers;
  • Delayed posting;
  • Mass direct sending of messages;
  • Automatic comments.

and many other features.

9. No analysis of previous activity. Let say, during the last month you launched targeted advertising, your mass-liking and mass-following were on, you participated in local Giveaway, and once a week placed advertising at influencer's’ accounts. If you do not make an analysis, you simply cannot see what kind of advertising works better, and how you can improve the most resulting kind of this.

Solution: make end-to-end analytics, not only how many people have visited your account and how many likes and comments have your posts, but also how many your campaign earned with customers, who come from Instagram.

10. “I know everything and can do everything, don’t tell me anything” This self-deception id very popular, but it cramps your development. In sober fact, high professional in SMM distinguishes with his being open to new knowledge, eh is ready to learn and implement his knowledge in practice.

Solution: Accept criticism adequately, study couple courses and read subject blogs about Instagram.