TOP-10 inspiring accounts by InstaRocket version

Everyone is looking for inspiration in their direction, but the described 10 accounts can be considered universal and sign up without looking.



Can not collect your strength and plan a trip? This account will show you what beauty and adventure you refuse. Public is created specifically to inspire people to tear themselves away from everyday life and see the beauty of the world around them.



Nowhere without food. Instructions Julia - a young mother and an talented chef - created specifically for those who have not received aesthetic pleasure from food for a long time. We know how to waste time cooking, but judging by the photos, it's worth it.



The Puerto Rican artist creates murals - large-scale paintings on buildings. Thus, it distracts people from everyday life and brings diversity to architecture. Such an account makes you decide what kind of creativity you wanted to do as a child.



The well-known music producer Murad Osman says that he became known not because he created music, but because he started photographing his girlfriend, who leads him by the hand. Looking at these photos, I want to be inspired by a new love or to reconsider my views on existing relationships.


Guys from GoPro are outstanding! Probably, there is no extreme sport that was not filmed on these super practical cameras. The account whispers to stand on the board or on skis.



The best way to help yourself is to help other people. Social public shows people what can be achieved by helping others and how it is actually useful and necessary to do. Perhaps, Africa is far from us, but who can help you find it very close to you.



Psychologists say that support contributes to success. And if not by the proximity of a person who can support you, support yourself! Kelly, the author of the page, tells how to properly provide yourself psychological support and change your life for the better.



Let's just say, if a toy fox could start traveling, then you will be able to! The account was created in order to not only inspire travel, but also to amuse. After all, every time a fox appears in a new unexpected place.



And do you love yoga, how does this girl love her? Look at the photos and videos and you also want to do;)


@Nike Running

According to Nike, running saves from all thoughts and gives good results in the form of the body. Therefore Nike created a separate page just for amateurs and run professionals. Looking at the happy faces of sports people, you will also want to go into sport a little.

And which Instagram-accounts will you advise?