Promotion of personal brand on Instagram. Part #2

Frankly speaking, we like the subject of personal branding very much, study it actively, and visit seminars and read books about it. Therefore we want to continue the topic of personal brand promotion and answer a few more questions. These answers are the result of our observation, which we want to share with you.

Question #1. Who needs to think about building of personal brand first of all?

Oh, it is easier to say who doesn’t need it. We are living in the time of “persons”, but not of “corporations”, though 10 years ago it was the opposite. And, as we see, Instagram proves it very well.

Instagram is a fruitful field for business development, and it will remain such for a long haul. Business always starts with a person. Nobody wants to buy anything from a company or project without the face, these times are in past. When speaking about business we mean different projects - not only sales of some products, but also about blog development (you sell your talent of writer, it is also a sale) and providing of services and consulting. For example, we really pleased to see cool accounts of professional doctors on Instagram. They create a new image of a doctor, who uses direct commutations, provide a help, break myths and, sure, give consultations.

Sooner or later, everybody who needs the development and growth of his business, thinks about his personal brand. You may not call it so, or even not to know about such concept, but if you want development or recognizability in your area, you will come to this issue after a while.

Question #2. How to understand that I already have my personal brand, that I have finally built it?

The core is that everyone has personal brand - it is our set of minds, impressions and emotions, which rise in people’s mind when they remember you. It is an image. But, the question is how this image works - on or against you?

Many likes are not a foundation yet to think that your personal brand is already built, and even it is not a foundation to think that all of those likes are real people. We often see accounts with 80-100К and sluggish audience, which shows almost zero reaction to the author, and consequently, it is hard to say that they trust the owner of such account. That’s no brand, that’s illusion. People will never follow that person. But, there also are accounts with 10K, where the author is like a sunbeam, their followers are active, emotional and full of trust. Admire those people, because it is a very hard work to earn confidence and attention!

But, it is not the main point of personal brand. The main point is your dedication. As you have a goal, for which you upgraded and present yourselves to medium. You have goals and plans, so personal brand is a powerful tool for gaining of them. If you can answer “yes” to my following expressions, be sure you are building your strong personal brand:

  • You are recommended by your followers, even if you haven’t asked about it;
  • You are recognizable person in your niche;
  • You are the first bethought when it is necessary to ask for interview or comments. Your product is easier to remember, because it is related to your name and your unique personality;
  • You have your own audience, who pays interest to you and trusts you (here quantity of real followers comes into a force).

There are many other milestones, but these will help you to understand quickly what your stage is.

Sooner or later, everybody who needs the development and growth of his business, thinks about his personal brand.

Question #3. How should we behave with “haters”? Often we can see that the more followers has an account the more hater are there.

What is your behavior with tikes, who barged into your house or office and cast out a heap of mud or litter?.. You will show the door to them, clean up your territory and do your best to see them again. Right?) The same is with haters. Block them. Delete all the mud. Live onwards.

To our opinion, there are two categories of haters: The strategy of the firsts is to attract the attention to their account by using muddy posts, and the seconds hate you because you are “a person of media” - “Here you are”! In this case, if your personal brand is strong, the high-loyalty pert of your audience will always defend you, and your haters will disappear at all.

Question #4. If a person thinks about creation of personal brand, is Instagram account able to replace a website at all? 

Instagram has replaced other platforms for implementation of ideas, hobby and earnings for many people. The question is - what are your goals and plans? What do you need a personal brand for? Do you want to be a popular blogger and earn by advertisings? If yes, Instagram is enough. But, if you develop your business, sooner or later you will think about additional traffic, and consequently about widening of your platforms.

But! If you are a real professional in your field, you did your best to earn confidence of your audience, and they indeed believe you, then, the question do you have a website or not is a secondary one. 

Question #5. If I want to develop my personal brand, may I publish in my accounts pictures of my husband, kids and friends? Or there should be only photos of me?

We think that the word ”personal” shouldn't be considered so literally. Things, which show you only, just you and nothing else, are not a personal brand, these things are your Ego. But, a big Ego will cramp a building of your personal brand. Ok, we branch off the topic.

A personal brand is an image, lifestyle, ability to earn a confidence of the audience, keep people interested, as well as a talent to Create. It is a territory, which is created and built by your own hands. It is an Image. Are you ready to share it with your husband, kids and friends? It is a question of your sociability, your wish and, of course, a strategy of your personal brand.


Your image it is all you have. It is important to understand who you are, an how being yourselves you can be interesting to the audience.

Question #6. What should be a rate of personal and professional posts?

All this depends on a strategy of promotion of your business and your account, as well as a current period of content-plan. If now you are at the stage of active sales - it is worth to make this rate appr. 60/30: professional/personal. This rate is also optimal if you have constant sales (you are a blogger, public account owner or you have an Insta-store with products).

A personal brand is a very deep topic. We hope we answer at least basic questios. And now, we wish your promotion to be successful!