june news: Top 10 Instagram accounts

In order to become popular in Instagram, you need to be the best. That's why we decided to start the monthly column "10 best accounts in Instagram" for a month. Let's find out who was most popular in Instagram in June.

According to the analytical service Statista, the most popular were:


Instagram - of course, the page of Instagram itself is the most popular. In June, the number of its subscribers exceeded 233.9 million.

Selena Gomez or the most popular girl of the planet. 135.46 million monitor her activities in Instagram. Why the girl is popular is unknown, but even Zuckerberg tries to solve her phenomenon.


Cristiano Ronaldo - that's rightfully known. The greatest football player of our time has 123.33 million subscribers and this is not the limit.

Ariana Grande - is another American singer and actress with a vivid, engaging Instagram. 118.32 million subscribers and fourth in the list of the most-most - worthy of attention.

Beyonce - is a pop diva, rap queen, and just one of the most gorgeous women of our time. Her Instagram has 113.5 million subscribers.

Kim Kardashian - is another paradox in our list. Experts say that Kim is known simply because she is known. 109.78 million subscribers confirm this.

Taylor Swift - this American singer can be treated as anything, but watching her activities is very interesting. Also think another 107.04 million of its subscribers.

Kylie Jenner - is a girl from the Kardashian house, but has made such an independent and strong career that now includes not only the TOP-10 most popular accounts in Instagram (106.57 million subscribers), but the list of the richest people by the version of Forbes.

Dwayne Johnson or Scala is a terrific American actor, motivator and father of an amazing daughter. Dwayne adores - 102.68 million subscribers confirm this.

Justin Bieber - s an American singer and a favorite of girls all over the world. No one doubted that he would be on this list. 98.34 million subscribers already have, we feel that soon someone will celebrate the round figure!

Looking forward to the next month to find out what is the king of the hill in Instagram in July.