It's working: what is actual in Instagram in 2018

SMM-specialist Alfred Lou from the American company The buffer on promotion in social networks researched the developments of Internet giants Facebook, Simply Measured, News Whip and singled out 7 basic tips for promotion in Instagram in 2018.

1. Age and gender - the main indicators of the target audience

Before you go to Instagram, you need to understand if there is an audience in this social network.

According to the Pew Research Center:

People from 18 to 29 years make up 55% of Instagram experience. This is the main audience.
People between 30 and 49 years old make up 33%. The purchasing power of this audience is higher than the previous one.
Women (38%) are more active users of Instagram than men (26%).

2. The number of posts a day affects work

Some believe that the more posts, the better. Others - that more than a number of posts can lead to irritation of the audience and further replies. But all researchers agree on one thing: two fasts are better, but there are no qualitative ones, than there is nothing to discuss. But if you have the opportunity to do more posts and at the same time, then be sure to use this opportunity. According to the research of the employees of the marketing company Tailwind, the relationship is confirmed: the more and more posts are put, the more likes and subscriptions the user receives. So, for some accounts, the number of posts reaches 10 per day, while the activity of subscribers only grows.

3. There is no ideal time for publication of posts

Just compare the best time to publish posts according to different studies:

from 2:00 to 17:00 - Huffington Post;
from 13:00 to 14:00 - MarketingProfs;
Tuesday, 14:00 - CoSchedule;
From 17:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and 20:00 on Monday -, Search Watch and Social Media Today.

It can be concluded that there is simply no ideal time for publication of posts. Well, or every company has its ideal time. Then what to do? You need to allocate time and effort to your own research and find your time.

4. The Trend of 2018 - The Stories of Instagram

Instagram Stories Comparative continuation of the network. It turns out that after the appearance of this tool in a few weeks, one-fourth of all Instagram-users switched to viewing History, which significantly reduced the activity of ordinary posts.

On the advice of researchers to publish stories need at least once a week. If you do not know how to shoot, look at what you want to know, or not, and much more.

5. Each post needs a hashtag

Hashtags help people find new posts of companies. Therefore, it is most important to select the most accurate hashtag (or hashtags) for each post. According to the research, 88% of all posts in the network have at least one hashtag.

According to the TrackMaven network, the optimal number of posts is 9-10. But you should not abuse hashtags either, because their excessive use leads to the removal of posts from the tape.


6. Video can become a kind of content number 1 in Instagram

Videos in Instagram are only gaining popularity, but there are already positive suggestions:

- The video receives more comments than the pictures;

- Video right application grows more than images;

- Bloggers began to upload more video posts.

Comparatively fresh data indicate that the optimal length of the roller is 30 seconds. If you want to interest your audience video, create a video, create emotional videos with something new for your audience. Use a language that is understandable for your subscribers. Also, use new programs to create video collages and animations.


7. Your users are the best source of new content

The Mavrck data show that user content better perceives the audience and has at least 6.9 times more activity than brand-content.

Therefore, many world brands work in this direction, creating posts along with their subscribers. Thus, there are lawyers of the brand - subscribers-admirers of those or other companies.

Think about what joint activity is right for your audience and act. The more positive feedback from customers and subscribers, the better.


So, these were 7 tips from Alfred Lou. Use them in everyday work and be in the trend of 2018!