Interview with the client: photographer Vladimir Plakushii

Today we have spoken with our regular customer and Ukrainian photographer Vladimir Plakushii about pluses and minuses of InstaRocket.


Hello Vladimir, tell us, how long have you been a professional photographer?

Vladimir: Actually, for about 5-6 years.

How do you usually find customers? Or do they find you?

Vladimir: Most the times clients find me via social networks and word of mouth.

What type of client is yours: girls, couples, corporate parties? What type of shooting is most often booking?

Vladimir: Since I specialize in portraiture, I generally do personal photo sessions for girls or guys.

What methods of promotion do you use on the Internet? What works the most?

Vladimir: Advertising on different sites (Vkontakte, Facebook or Instagram). I shoot popular people who have accounts with a large audience and feedback. This is also good advertising.

Can you estimate how much you need to attract one customer on average?

Vladimir: I never kept counts. Maybe in the future I'll try.

Do you have social networks? Do they help you to find customers?

Vladimir: I would even say that the largest amount of clients come from social networks. If you do not take into account, returned customers or those to whom I was advised.

Do you use InstaRocket to promote your Instagram account? Does the service help to expand your audience and find new customers?

Vladimir: So far, the dynamics have been positive and additional orders have started appearing.

What do you like in using InstaRocket? Did you use any other similar services?

Vladimir: Time-saving is one of the main criteria. When everything is automated it is very convenient. I worked only with InstaRocket, because I have so to say "young" account and yet haven't cooperated with another app.

If you already have a client who came via InstaRocket?

Vladimir: It's trivially. Due to activity on the account, I was more likely to get into recommendations and there were more new people signing up and writing about the shootings.

What minuses has InstaRocket? What would you like to develop in the service?

Vladimir: Everything suits by now. We'll work, we'll see.