How to properly use hashtags in Instagram?

Today we will tell you about the three most effective ways to use hashtags in promoting your account in Instagram.

To begin with, hashtags are must have in working with Instagram: from helping to expand the audience to tracking specific topics for communication. Plus, the social network recently released a great tool - now the you can follow also hashtags in addition to subscribing to other accounts. It turns out that if you are aware of the hashtag tags for which your target audience is subscribed, you can use them for an audience that has never heard of you.

But let's move on to the three main tips:

1. Set hashtags based on geography. Support your native land! People like to learn about what is happening next to them, which is that local and steep. Use several local hashtags under each post.


2. Find funny and epic hashtags on your topic and try to use the topic under your posts. It can be something funny #youshallnopass or other nonstandard hashtags. When you deal with them, you will be surprised at which hashtags people generally subscribe to.


3. Create a branded hashtag for your product. It will be only yours. Add it to the information about you so that your customers know how to label you. So, you can track the mention of you. You can even make separate hashtags for special projects or for seasonal topics.


All clear? Then go ahead!

There were questions - let's chat here, in the online chat of our site. Here you can also learn how to use hashtags in InstaRocket and how to set up successfully and efficiently. Good luck!