How to make live photos in Instagram

There are several ways to create a cinemograph, the most common are ready-made applications for phones, for example: Flixel (Cinemagraph). 

Cinemagrafia (or live photos) is an opportunity to revitalize some part of the picture while the rest parts remain static. The main advantage of this tool is that it is unusual. Attracts something that seems new and interesting. And while this tool is considered new for Instagram, you should use it.

If you use the Flixel program, here are your next steps:

1. you need to create a video first. It is very important that this video is as static as possible (use a tripod);

2. Select only the area that you want to keep alive;

3. Select the effect;


4. Scroll the finished cinemography and save.

All these actions will take 5-10 minutes.

Create your own live photos and make the content of your account vivid and attractive to the target audience.