How to Become Popular on Instagram? 7 Advises

If you go to Instagram at least once a day, you obviously could notice how active actors, sportsmen, bloggers and other popular persons are in this photo-based social media. You may love or hate them, read or not read, but what we can take a note of is how to become popular on Instagram.

During a week, we have actively taken in popular persons of Instagram. So, we have created 7 advises, which will help you too to become popular and reach many thousand army of followers without using any programs for driving up the numbers of Instagram.

1. Curtain Up!

Some TV-shows and promotion on Instagram have many common things: they enlighten celebrities’ backstage life. That is why, if you want to be popular you will have to open the door to your private life.

Look, how celebrities are doing this. They publish their photos from vacations, restaurants, hotel rooms, fitness, meeting with friends, walks etc. Agree, it’s not so difficult to do it.

This approach allows followers to be closer to their favorites’ backstage life. And, it is something what makes peoples to like and comment more and more.


2. Cross-promotion

I strongly believe that you have accounts in other social media apart from Instagram, and you have hundreds of followers or friends on them. So, why don’t you apply cross-promotion?

For example, after a posting of photo on Instagram leave a link to the post on Facebook, Twitter or somewhere else, and little by little, but may be even at once, people will come to your page and follow you.

3. Prime Time

Likely, I will not reveal a secret to you when say that posting of photo at a certain time can lead to having more feedbacks than at another time. But, there is not all-purpose advise which would work in any case.

Statistics shows that the most quantity of likes get posts, which were published between 8 and 15 o’clock, if we talk about Instagram numbers driving up. But, once again, everything depends on your audience.

For example, if your target audience is presented with young people, who relax in nightclubs all the night, and then sleep for all the morning and noon, what the sense then to publish a photo in the time, mentioned above?

You can just logically think about the time, when your followers come on Instagram the most frequently and publish your photo in 30-60 minutes before. Or you can test and track for feedbacks.

4. How Often to Publish Photos?

Now I will give you the advice, which will surely increase your followers’ involvement and your account popularity. Even if now you think that you post often, you should do it oftener.

Often publications of qualitative photos increase attention of followers and attract new audience.

Let’s reach out to celebrities and sportsmen again. It seems that the only thing what they do it’s sitting on Instagram for hours and publish their photos. So, you don't grudge the time for your account too. Publish your qualitative content as much as possible.

5. Love Your Followers

Have you ever noticed how celebrities show their love to their followers? May be, all this is theatrical. But, what the difference is this method works?

Show your followers that you love them, hold competitions, address to them and be closer to your audience.

6. Do More Communications with Them

People often neglect this approach. Nevertheless, it works very well. If you want to make audience of “Brand advocates”, communicate with your followers as often as possible, answer their questions and be closer to them.

Don’t forget to answer to comments, settle polls, show them that your opinion is important for you, organize competitions with cool gifts. And then, people will reach you more and more.

7. Positive Only

Don’t perceive Instagram number driving up as routine, which requires much time and efforts. If we look at show business celebrities again, we’ll see that they are very busy persons. And, they hardly to waste plenty of time for their account. Keep your account easily and naturally.

Publish a qualitative content, add bright descriptions, answer comments and make some live videos when you are free to. You should have a pleasure doing this, otherwise nothing will get done.

Let’s Make Some Conclusions

Nowadays, opportunities of social media, Instagram in particular, have no limits. They can help you to build up a strong brand or, otherwise, spoil your reputation. That’s why, follow my advises and everything will go well then!